Monika Braun

Holistic Healing
A multidimensional approach
to every issue you experience
as a limitation of your Self


"In the absence of the past,
the Now sweetens my thoughts
carefully caressing my senses.
With all my colorful dreams
I paint the future."
Monika Braun

I was always passionate about the subconscious mind and the spiritual dimension of life, but it was only due to the crisis in my personal life when I suddenly realized that most things that I had been taught, told and had believed in were just contradictory to how it actually is.

The so-called reality became a flexible, changing, and conditioned story of the mind for me. I understood that I can only see what I believe, and that everyone and everything around me is a mirror-image of my subconscious thoughts.

The question that followed this breakthrough in my perception entailed how to change the beliefs, thoughts, and convictions of the mind that creates a reality that I don’t want to experience and further to change my attitude toward the reality that I experience.

I discovered many ways, attended several courses, and experienced various types of healing. I’ve learned how to re-align with the Self and connect to the higher aspects of myself; how to leave my ego-driven worries and fears behind, how to embark on the self-realization process and bring the essence of Self (my blueprint, my soul potential) into my life. On this extraordinary journey I discovered my vocation.

What is the purpose of holistic healing?

“The more you let go the higher you rise”

Healing, to me, means arriving at a state of being completely who we are, the pure Self, free from suffering, burdens, and limitations collected during the lifetime(s) or that have been inherited.

It’s a process of letting go of everything that isn’t us and unleashing our inner potential, the feelings of peace, love, and acceptance, which reside under the layers of fear, anger, and frustration.

By restoring the flow of energy in our body to its original strong, healthy, and natural state, we reestablish an engagement with ourselves, discover our potential and uniqueness, and tune into our inner self.

By healing the energy field, the cause of the dis-ease, which has manifested itself in the physical or emotional form, is released – any information (residing in the memory) concerning trauma/emotional or physical pain can be neutralized and left bereft of influence on the subconscious mind.
Even if a dis-ease is not present, energy field healing enhances overall health.

Distant Healing

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it .
Albert Einstein

I began practicing distant healing a few years ago, starting primarily with the members of my family who lived in two other countries. I quickly noticed that healing over distance had the same results as it did in my treatment room – equally unhindered transfer of information from the clients and transfer of healing energy toward them. There was no time disparity between sending and receiving information, and this information could be obtained through communicating with the client (with their permission to engage in such contact), even if the contacted person was busy with other activities at that time.
That led me to think that if everything is a form of energy and there are no limits to access information from anywhere, then we all must be a part of one consciousness.

“Our separation of each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.”
Albert Einstein

Energy can express itself in unlimited ways, forms, and shapes, unfolding in series of action and reaction. Each human being is one of those forms; however, everyone and everything is one and the same energy.

The energy-information is being transmitted in a way similar to that of a radio that receives radio signals from a broadcast station. I experience these through thoughts, feelings, and mental images. Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as a non-local quantum hologram, which means that the information of the mind and body can be accessed by connected entities without them being in the presence of each other.

Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.
Ramana Maharshi

Can we change the past? 

“It’s never too late to change the past” Katie Byron

We have been taught to think, “what happened has happened and we cannot reverse it”. And that’s partly true – the past doesn’t exist anymore, so we cannot go back and change it. But then, why do we behave as if it is still alive? Why do we give it so much power? Why do we get so engrossed in the thoughts of it that we are unable to live in the moment?

We are haunted not by the past but by the memory of it. Our memories replay over and over again in our mind, seen through the eyes of who we were at that particular moment in the past.

We don’t see it through the eyes of the current version of us. We don’t even question what happened. We just believe that what we saw or experienced in the past is the only true version of what was happening.

In fact, an even more shocking thing about it is that it is not what happened that hurts, but our subconscious beliefs about why it happened that haunts us. 
Why did it happen to me? Why did they do it? Why did no one protect me? What does it mean to me? These are the questions, which, if asked, will show us the real reason behind our suffering. If you listen to the answers coming from within you, you will discover certain subconscious beliefs pertaining to yourself and others, those which are the reason for keeping the past alive.

So, what if the past was just a mirror-image of your present beliefs? What if it is your state of mind in the present, which keeps recreating the past? What if you were stuck in a loop with regard to your beliefs regarding yourself and others, and “the past” was merely a mischievous stalker wanting to show you that?

Life is too colorful, too amazing, and far too magical to let ourselves be stuck in a bad dream.


Holistic means total, global, including all spheres / components. 
In the case of a human being it concerns the mental sphere (thoughts), behavioral sphere (behaviors), physical sphere (bodily ailments), emotional sphere (feelings) and spiritual sphere (sense of existence, mission).

The holistic approach does not focus only on one or two of these spheres (e.g. behaviour and thoughts), but on all of them together, assuming that they have a mutual influence on each other and do not exist independently of each other.

In my approach I combine coaching techniques, dialogue with the subconscious through muscle tests (psychokinesiology), systemic approach (constellations) and work with energy (tachyon, ho'oponopono). This allows me to touch the problem in different dimensions and at different levels of its existence.

Price list:

Psychokinesiology treatment + Tachyon 60'

Psychokinesiology treatment + Tachyon + coaching  80-90'

Coaching 60'

Remote treatment plus report via e-mail

Remote treatment plus online conversation

The methods I use are as follows:



It works through muscle testing in order to determine what is transpiring in the subconscious and to neutralize the influence of negative experiences. The subconscious is literally capable of communicating energetically through the body. Psychokinesiology is called the doorway to the unconscious mind.



Tachyon energy is the first form of energy that emerges from Zero-Point Energy.
It aligns and controls our bodies at the cellular level, enabling our hormone production, metabolism, and vitality to soar.
It provides the body with the entire gamut of energy required for good health. (More in www.tachyonworld.com )




Systematic Family Constellations: 

This works as a means of revealing the hidden structure of relationships in a system. By representing parts of the system with people or objects, we connect with the energy and information of those parts as well as with the system as a whole.
I work only with objects and use this form of healing for specific, individual problems.


Healing of
chakras and organs: 

Channeling of healing energy through hands



It is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique.
It loosens up our ego and facilitates the act of forgiving.


Certificate: Professional Coach

Systo, Hasselt, 02/2019 - 06/2019


MyCertificate - Psychokinesiology

Centrum Voor Psychokinesiologie, Pellenberg, Belgium 


MyCertificate - Tachyon Holistic Wellness 301

University of Integrated Science California, Certificate no. 7795717/12/2013, 06/2013



Reiki, Holistic Massage Therapy, Trauma work in the context of Systematic Constellations, Moxa Therapy, Healing of Chakras and Organs, Channeling


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created the society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”     
Albert Einstein

If we were 2-dimensional, existing as a body and the rational mind, the mind would be the highest intelligence, the source of all information, and the master of our life. The thoughts would never be questioned, and because they are always based only on the facts known to the rational mind, our reasoning would be considerably limited and always lead us to the same direction.

Moreover, solving problems would be impossible, because we would always come from the same consciousness as the one creating them. Our life would be dominated by the patterns of the same thoughts and behaviors recreating the same reality all over again, straightening our conviction that reality is unaltering, and that what we view is the only truth.

There are different opinions concerning intuition, various explanations regarding what it is or where the information felt intuitively comes from. I see it as our link to the universal consciousness/intelligence of which we are an intrinsic part. Existing beyond the five senses, it is inconceivable to the rational mind, and as such often neglected or not heard.

People sometimes tell me, “I don’t have it” or “I don’t feel it…” The inner voice, the gut feeling that they had as kids, has disappeared under the layers of education that so extensively cultivates rational thinking. But it didn’t vanish. It never will, because it is the third, intrinsic dimension of our being.

Finding the connection with your inner voice means finding the connection with yourself. And this is one of the goals of my healing approach.

Monika Braun


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